Espresso with arabica in Uganda

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Recently while visiting Uganda, I was pleasantly surprised and wonderfully excited to enjoy an espresso experience comparable to an European espresso experience , macchiato’s and plenty of them. Uganda, a predominately tea drinking society, mostly due to the English Empires … Continue reading

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The perfume which I delight

“Ah, that is perfume in which I delight, when they roast coffee near my house, I hasten to open the door to take in all the aroma”

Jean Jacques Rousseau

This quote brings to the reader all the joys of the aromas of coffee roasting and enjoying a good espresso. I love it.


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Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro Coffee

In the words of the great Ernest Hemingway:  “It was a pleasant cafe, warm and clean and friendly, I hung up my old water-proof on the coat rack to dry and put my worn and weathered felt hat on the rack above the bench and ordered a cafe au lait. The waiter brought it and I took out a note book from the pocket of the coat and a pencil and started to write”..

On my recent visit to Tanzania I ventured to Mount Kilimanjaro to taste an espresso or two made with the locally grown and produced coffee. I found the Union cafe, with a great espresso coffee machine situated in an ornate, colonial era building owned by The Kilimanjaro Native Co-operative union (KNCU). This is a federation of more than 60,000 local coffee growers founded in 1930 by Sir Charles Dundas, a former local district commissioner. The coffee is grown in the volcanic soils of this great mountain and produces wet processed Arabica coffee.
You could say that Dundas , a man with grey blond hair  and a bold mustachio  (according to his portrait in the cafe), is the patron saint of coffee in Moshi. His enlightened socialist entrepreneurialism enabled Chagga coffee growers to compete on equal terms on the world markets with European growers, and export their crop to Europe and other African countries.
I was fascinated, and in such joy of the espresso I was drinking that I was inspired to look more into the coffee of the region.

The region, with gently sloping mountain terrain and volcanic soil, along with a mild climate make it conducive to growing fine arabicas. There is a good amount of peaberries, which apparently have a much more intense flavour than regular beans, and generally the coffee has a bright, sharp character.
I definitely recommend  trying Kilimanjaro coffee in your espresso coffee machine; just remember to buy a single origin Kilimanjaro coffee bean and not a blend. I would also recommend a medium roast.

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coffee quote

“Coffee and love are best when they are hot’

German proverb

I love this quote, having a hot espresso coffee at home with your loved one with your own espresso coffee machine is love its self.

Love your espresso coffee machine

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espresso coffee beans (Kopi Luak)

Kopi Luak or Civet coffee is made from coffee berries which have been eaten by and passed through the digestive tract of the Asian palm Civet and other related Civets. The Civet eats the berries, but the beans inside pass through their system undigested. This process takes place on the islands of Sumatra, Java, Bali and Sulawesi in the Indonesian archipelago. Also found in the Philippines.”motit coffee” in east Timor “cafe-laku and in Vietnam “weasel coffee”.

This coffee has a low production which makes it quite expensive. If you can get some I recommend you try it with your espresso coffee machine.

Need an espresso coffee machine?

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Coffee quote

“Coffee is the common man’s gold, and like gold, it brings to every person the feeling of luxury and nobility”

Sheik Abd-al Kadir. In praise of life   (1587)

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espresso: a definition

The Specialty Coffee Association of America describes the definition of an espresso.

“Espresso is a 45ml (1.5 oz)  beverage that is prepared from 7-9 grams of coffee through which clean water of 192 -198 F (88-92 c) has been forced at 9-10 atmospheres of pressure, where the grind of coffee has made the brewing “flow”* time approximately  22-28 seconds. While brewing the flow of espresso will appear to have the viscosity of warm honey and the resulting beverage will exhibit a thick dark gold cream foam (“crema”) topping. Espresso is usually prepared specifically for, and immediately served to its intended customer. ”

* Brewing “flow” is counted from the point in time that the espresso begins to flowing from the portafiller sprouts . Many espresso coffee machines have a distinct “pre-infusion” cycle where a small quality of water is pumped into the grounds and allowed to sit for several seconds before the pump is reactivated to finish the brew. The prescribed method of “timing” shots when the flow begins to appear at the portafiller sprout can be universally applied for all espresso coffee machines, no matter what the pre-infusion cycle.

espresso coffee machines

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