Espresso with arabica in Uganda

Ugandans drinking robusta

Recently while visiting Uganda, I was pleasantly surprised and wonderfully excited to enjoy an espresso experience comparable to an European espresso experience , macchiato’s and plenty of them.
Uganda, a predominately tea drinking society, mostly due to the English Empires influence, has taken to the espresso coffee experience , especially  young Ugandan’s. Kampala, the county’s capital and many other city’s are becoming awash with  espresso coffee bars, serving amazing espresso’s and macchiato’s using quality espresso coffee machines.

The coffee shops, the Bancafe chain for one, have an amazing atmosphere and are using the locally produced arabica coffee which was introduced in the early 1900’s, though not native, are considered to be the best coffee produced in Uganda. The most coffee produced is Robusta, which grows naturally in the rain forrest region, enjoying the shade of the banana plantations which are cultivated around them. These Robusta coffee tree’s are some of the rarest examples occurring naturally anywhere in the world.
What I found interesting is the unusual way some of these beans are consumed. They are fried and wrapped in banana leave, sold by street vendors on the busy streets and consumed by peeling of the outer part of the bean and chewing the inner bean for it’s flavour and effect.

bunch of fried coffee beans

fried coffee beans in banana leafe

Ugandan roasted arabica coffee beans

The best coffee to buy in Uganda, which is freely available in supermarkets and specially shops is the premium AA Uganda Bugisu. Ground finely it is perfect for espresso coffee machines.
When in Kampala 1000 Cups is a great place to have an espresso and buy some  espresso coffee for your home espresso coffee machine.
plot 18 Buganda road


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I love coffee, I believe the only coffee to drink is a well made espresso, I travel the word and in the process i am always on the look out for great espresso coffee machines that make great coffee and look good as well.
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  1. 10/10 for biodegradable packaging then I guess! Well written too, she said, grudgingly…

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