We are of the view that any one who loves espresso, or any coffee for that mater should have somewhere to go for insightful information regarding espresso coffee machines, espresso coffee makers, coffee and caffès or cafés If you don’t live in Italy.As a true espresso coffee lover myself,and an extensive and prolific traveler, I aim to bring interesting stories and facts relating to espresso from where ever I am in the world.

Drinking espresso with friends and family, or reading daily news papers and journals often provokes thoughts, which lead to discussions and hopefully solutions. We have a thought category which we hope can do some good for the world.

We also believe an espresso lover should have their own espresso coffee machine at home, the office or frequent and support your local espresso coffee shop. I personally have a love of espresso coffee machines new and old and am always deeply excited when I come across a beautifully designed or historic machine being used either commercially or at home.


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